Successfully operating in the corrugated board market since 1999, NowaEco produces a whole range of corrugated materials, corrugated boards, and packaging for all types of products. A unique feature of the company is that it can offer its customers a full range of services: a selection of corrugated cardboard, development of construction and graphic design of the packaging of any complexity, and finding the best delivery methods for finished products.
The company's competitive advantage is the use of recycled waste paper as raw materials. This unique characteristic of NowaEco production ensures the business's sustainability by saving trees from being cut down and by reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions.

Operating Divisions


Collection, sorting and preparation of wastepaper for the Paper Mill.


At Owadandepe Paper Mill, production and supply of own paper to the Corrugator.

Corrugated Board

Cardboard manufactured by the Corrugator at Abadan to make packaging products.


Design, forming and printing of cardboard packaging for boxes and other containers, and design and printing of labels.

To remain Turkmenistan's leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly paper and packaging.

To be the preferred supplier of companies seeking packaging made from sustainable materials.

To create added–value propositions for all our customers.


To create corporate a culture in which every stakeholder will be empowered to support environmental sustainability practices.

Our long-term strategy is based on being the best manufacturer to provide sustainable solutions in the region.
Our company has a global end-to-end supply chain to deliver the most comprehensive range of products.
We offer sustainable and outstanding packaging that adds value to your brand. NowaEco has continuously supplied corrugated carton products to a wide range of industries and applications since 1999. Over the years, we have developed our internal management systems (IMS) to deal with the ever stringent and demanding requirements placed on us in today's ever-changing marketplace.
NowaEco has invested in a modern testing laboratory to measure and monitor quality continuously. Quality is a top priority at NowaEco and ensures that all cartons perform well and to high strength specifications.
All deliveries of base paper from suppliers are tested regularly to guarantee compliance with technical specifications and to ensure that cartons supplied to all our customers perform better than competitors.
NowaEco can undertake special tests for customers if required and assist customers with quality investigations to reduce carton costs to meet customer expectations.
The test laboratory is well equipped, so that all significant tests can be undertaken, including compression strength tests, strength calculations for customer specifications, grammage, calliper and many other tests.

Our Team

Rovshen Aydogdyyev

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Nowaeco, Rovshen brings a wealth of professional expertise with a deep foundation in finance, leadership, and entrepreneurship. His significant roles at State Concern "Turkmengas", Central Bank of Turkmenistan and the State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan demonstrates his strategic management and financial prowess. Fluent in Russian, Turkmen, and English, Rovshen navigates the global business landscape with ease. Backed by a strong academic background in economics from the Institute of National Economy and Academy of State Service under the President, Rovshen is leading Nowaeco towards new heights of success.

Vitaly Podosinnikov

Project Manager

Before joining Toprak, Vitaly served for more than 20 years in several logistics management positions working on the international level with the companies such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, and Olam International Ltd. In these positions, he was responsible for implementing and controlling the efficient and effective flow and storage of goods, products, services, and related information from the point of origin to the end of consumption to meet customer requirements effectively.
Vitaly also served as a Global Trading Director in various industries where he was accountable for the marketing experience and contribution, ensuring and developing strategies, successfully delivering long term aspirations. Vitaly holds a Bachelor's degree in science from Turkmen National University of World languages.

Nazar Japarov

Chief Financial Officer

Nazar is a CFO of Nowaeco. Bringing 17 years of banking experience, he specializes in business investment, financial analytics, and wealth management. Having previously worked through Government Investment Programmes, he has rich experience in project management and consulting start-ups and small businesses. A graduate in Applied Economics, Anvarshan is a Member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

Kakamyrat Gulov

Business Development Director (Turkmenistan), CEO of Nowaeco (UK)

Kakamyrat brings exceptional business development and project management skills with over 22 years of global experience. Before joining Nowaeco, Kakamyrat has built a strong business structure to increase and successfully identify new markets. His valuable expertise has resulted in a consistent background of winning and securing new investments. Kakamyrat has been known to lead projects in Construction, Oil, and Gas industries that he successfully secured business partnerships with financial institutions such as EBRD. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from Central Asian University in Alma-Aty.

Shemshat Mamedova

Sales Manager

Shemshat joined Nowaeco effective in 2019. She has rich managerial and organizational skills gathered through many years of experience in the Education sector. Prior to joining Nowaeco, she spent nearly 15 years managing the leading School of Economics in Turkmenistan. Holding various leading positions in the Education system, she successfully provided the visionary of a true leader for over 2000 students and 75 staff members.
As a sales manager, Shemshat leads sales processes, excelling at lead generation, relationship building, and closing deals. With exceptional communication skills, she has managed to build a client network for increasing the revenues. Shemshat graduated from Turkmen National University of World languages.

Hemra Allakov

Administrative Director and Legal

Hemra graduated from Maxim Gorky University and Belarus State University with a degree in Law and has extended experience working as a senior legal in Ministries of Agriculture and Energy of Turkmenistan. With over decades of experience, Hemra has worked with prominent foreign construction companies in Turkmenistan. While working as a legal advisor, he successfully addressed business challenges, confronting the continuously changing regulatory landscape.

Maksat Gulov

Chief Operating Officer

Violette Zhilinskaya

Supply chain manager

Violette is an expert at synchronizing supply with demand and developing supply chain strategies that significantly impact profitability and increase our business's total value. She had extended experience at international companies such as DGTL and CNPC. Violette also served at State stock exchange house of Turkmenistan. Her key skills include improving supplier sorting strategy, establishing robust processes, statistical forecasting and logistics management, negotiation and cost reduction. Violette holds a bachelor's degree at science from Kazan State Technological University.