Contributing to
a sustainable future

We strive to transform the paper and packaging industry with clean and sustainable practices.

Strengthening the sustainability and recycling has been one of our key objectives. As consumers now tend to choose socially and environmentally responsible brands, our customers choose NowaEco for the very same reason. We take a stand against climate change and put in our best effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Innovating Sustainable Solutions

We strive to provide a range of circular opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint and choose more responsible products

In addition to high-quality and reliable raw material supply, we stand tall on a wealth of global expertise for revolutionizing paper and packaging industries. For us, sustainable development makes good business sense. We invest in finding materials for tomorrow, today. We strongly believe in collaborating to find an innovative solution satisfying our clients’ requirements and helping them make the Earth greener.

Less Environmental Impact


50,000 tons of waste paper recycled since our inception

Average of 5,000-10,000 trees saved

We recycle 90% of the water used in our industrial processes

Our paper has a 60% carbon footprint saving compared to conventional paper.
Our biodegradable products contribute to carbon emission reduction, less energy consumption, and are easily recyclable. The constant innovation of our products is based on our profound knowledge, experience, science, and creativity to deliver the best sustainable solutions to benefit our partners and customer. The importance of sustainability is one of the main objectives of our corporate culture.