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We supply a range of testliners and fluting medium to meet your packaging needs.

• Can be used for internal and external corrugated board ply
• Have high physical and mechanical properties
• Have high load bearing capacity of stacked corrugated containerboard materials
• Are made from 100% recycled paper

Corrugated carton packaging

Paper tubes and cones

Testliners and fluting medium

Product development and improvement

The product development department offers the following services:

• Produce drawings of structures
• Create drawings of graphics, based on customers’ requirements
• Design new types of corrugated packaging of any complexity based on customer samples
• Produce samples of corrugated packaging
• Identify and evaluate alternative types of corrugated packaging to address customers’ needs
• Develop new graphic design for corrugated packaging, including design samples, information in text form etc.
• Evaluate and propose various color options for in production, including development of customer made colors
• Propose the most appropriate, compositionally sound and correct design, taking into account the clients’ needs